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The Making of a Sculptor

Like No Other

Martin Askew was schooled in England under the tutelage of skilled artisans who expertly manipulated earth's 500 million year old creation: wood. It was a privilege to work alongside these living masters and their colleagues who specialized in stone and metal creations. They devoted their lives to understanding their chosen medium, pushing it—and their creativity—to its limits.  


Martin brought this same dedication to Canada where he worked on commissions for many years, then refocused on bringing his own fine art concepts to life in his Calgary studio. ​


What's Askewbism?

Martin coined the term Askewbism for his unique abstract sculptures. Full of meaning and symbolism, they tell their stories to every viewer in a slightly different way.​


Private Viewings and Purchasing

If you are interested in purchasing an original sculpture or booking a viewing in Calgary, Alberta, please email askewbism (at)​ or complete the contact page form. If you'd like an archival quality print, please use our secure online store by clicking "Purchase" in the site menu.

Thank you for your interest in these guaranteed one-of-a-kind sculptures.

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